Thursday, August 25, 2011


#Bungieaerospace #Steam #Crimson

Back in May Bungie, famously known for creating the Halo series on Xbox, Trademarked a title for a game called Crimson. Little else was known about the new game except that it would be downloadable and would be specifically designed for mobile devices. Well a little more has come to light now, and the game is slated to be released on iPad on September 1st and then on other mobile devices shortly after. The first 'chapter' of the game will be free, and all subsequent chapters will cost you $2. I'm pretty fucking excited to see what a major game company like Bungie can do with a mobile device, i'm particularly interested that they have teamed up with Steam. It seems like they are heading in the direction of an RTS which isn't what you would normally expect of Bungie, but they have yet to disappoint me so i will definitely be giving this a try when it comes out. You can get a look at some screen shots and other bits and pieces in this video.

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