Wednesday, August 10, 2011

THQ Brisbane to close it's doors

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200 people are about to lose their jobs in an industry that didn't appear to be struggling. THQ is closing down 2 major offices, one of which is just down the road from Castle Awesome, THQ Brisbane.

The reason for this?

“With this realignment, we are narrowing our focus to high-quality owned IP with broad appeal that can be leveraged across multiple platforms, and to work with the best talent in the industry. By right-sizing our internal development capacities for our console portfolio, our five internal studios are focused on delivering high-quality games with talented teams driving the execution of those titles to market,” said Brian Farrell, President and CEO, THQ. “As we have outlined in our business strategies, we are making shifts to reduce movie-based and licensed kids’ video games in our portfolio, which underscores our strategy to move away from games that will not generate strong profits in the future.”

Money makes the world go round, so drink it down, you fucking stupid clown. Sickening.

Edit TimmehB. - The Melbourne company Blue Tongue Entertainment which was acquired by THQ in 2004, is also closing their doors this week.

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