Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Immortals, Arrows and Green Screens


Immortals. No, not the shitty Tony Curtis movie from the mid 90's.
The overproduced visual orgasm squirt that is the new Mickey Rourke film due to air in all three dimensions this November.

From acclaimed director Tarsem Singh..... oh wait, you've never heard of him?
Don't worry, neither has anybody else..... except for his mum.
Actually he's a fairly accomplished TV Commercial director in the USofA, you would have seen some of the ads he shot for Nike & Coca-Cola, but it's now clear that he's trying to make the jump to features.
Zach Braff stated with a little indie film called The Garden State, Peter Jackson Bad Taste, David Lynch Eraserhead and the list goes on, but Singh starts his feature film career rolling with this glutenous pig of a shit storm captured on film.

none the less, despite the fact that if you watch all three trailers, you question just how much of the film you haven't seen yet...The film looks pretty bad ass.

for hi res versions of all the trailers click here.

But i decided to do a bit of digging after seeing "FROM THE PRODUCERS OF 300" flash across my screen more times than i could count, and i laughed at the results.
Apart from 300, what else have the producers of this film churned out?

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)  *SHIT FILM*
Sanctum (2011)  *SHIT FILM*
Piranha 3D (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Little Fockers (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Skyline (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Salt (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Dear John (2010)  *SHIT FILM*
Nine (2009)  *SHIT FILM*
Twilight (2008)  *SHIT FILM*
Blonde Ambition (2007)  *SHIT FILM*
Why Did I Get Married? (2007)  *SHIT FILM*

but i'll still go see it because i'm an idiot.

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