Friday, March 16, 2012

Tellier is GOD.

Sebastien Tellier's new LP will be released Tomorrow on the Internet (16th March) and the 23rd of March in LP in France. We don't no yet for the rest of the world. An other good excuse to pack up and move to France.

With this album Tellier becomes more and more GOD, he just launched this website :
I guess you'll need a translation as you have skipped all you french lecture at school.

"Today we live in a community ocean which pours out into black hole of nonsense. Alliance Bleue provides its faithful to use their virtual community energy to appease their curiosity. Their pain..."

There is the first single of his forthcoming album : Cochon Ville which means "Pig Town".

Click here if you want to read an interview made with our new God made 3 days ago.

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