Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weyland talks at TED

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What a simply brilliant marketing campaign to get us ready for the upcoming Prometheus. We we're wondering where the hell Guy Pearce was in the trailers we've seen. He's Weyland!!!! Peter Weyland at that and you can see him below at TED (genius, genuis!) discussing the future. I am about 10 times more excited for this film now. I think this film is going to blow peoples minds. Ridley is has really given this some thought.

  "Peter Weyland has been a magnet for controversy since he announced his intent to build the first convincingly humanoid robotic system by the end of the decade. For more info, visit"

Damon Lindelof (writer on Prometheus) confirms that the scene above will not appear in the film and that it was made just for TED.

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