Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shit Post Sunday - Attention! Il Est Myron!

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For one reason or another, old kids TV shows from the 90's are starting to rear their nostalgic heads from the past.
More specifically, a show called Pingu, which funnily enough featured in a Shit Post Sunday a few weeks ago in light of a fan made re-enactment of John Carpenters The Thing.

On Triple J recently, Pingu came up as a topic for discussion once more, and a list of bad claymation shows were rattled off, one of which being a hilarious running series that has fallen into obscurity.

The Shaun Micallef Programme was an Australian sketch comedy TV show hosted by Shaun Micallef.
Amongst other skits, it featured a recurring short animation called Attentione! Il Est Myron! which poked fun at overly pretentious, rudimentary, art house animations.
The title, in French, because the French are the centre of art and culture and therefore better than everyone else. Also, the title, Hey! It's Myron! is far less attractive in English.

Here is a montage of the episodes that featured throughout the Micallef Programme.

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