Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Februarish Beatboners

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You should probably BUY AND LISTEN to these tracks. Side effects may be a tightening of the pants.

Handbraekes - The Qat

One of the silliest most absurdly funktastic tracks ever made by humans. There's no middle ground here, you will hate this track or absolutely love it. I'm obviously the later. Oizo sounds, Boys Noize arrangement, HANDBRAEKES

Buy here

Djedjotronic - White Noise

Thick distorted ding dong techno.  Like a thousand biceps flexing into your crutch.

Buy here

Light Year - Moderation

The best track this year (so far). Just listen. This is the first track by the now solo project 'Light Year' (just Jordan).

No idea where to buy or when this will come out (watch this space)

Nickel - ZYGZM 
(Jensen Interceptor Remix)

So what happened to the other half of Light Year? This..... Well done Mikey! This remix is solid. I love how it builds up to the 3.50 mark and dabbles in oizo-esque horn.

No idea where to buy or when this will come out (watch this space)

Disclosure - Flow

I hate how these brothers (aged 17 and 20) are so ridiculously talented. They sound like they're been producing music for 20 years. What a sound! Just listen.

Buy the 7" double single here

Maelstrom - Pool Chicks

Dolphin Rap. Maelstrom beats. Think about that. Listen.

Buy here

Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka 
- No One feat. Abigail Wyles

Beautiful vocal builds mixed with thick dark beats. Abigail's (unrecognisable) voice is so deliciously twisted into this bodacious groove. Listen.

Buy the limited edition LP here

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