Thursday, February 2, 2012

Passenger & All the Little Lights

@PassengerMusic @TripleJ #AllTheLittleLights

Here at Castle Awesome, we love beards.
Add Mike Rosenberg's beard to the list.
Not only does he have the kind of beard you just want to run your fingers through,
he is also an immensely talented individual.
Never heard of him? You're not alone.

When I was just finishing up in film school in early 2008, a good friend of mine who was working in Edinbrough, Scotland sent me an email saying that some of her girlfriends had dragged her kicking and screaming to a pub the night before, just to hear some guy bash away on a guitar and stomp the ground with his little hobbit feet.
She said that the guy went by the name of Passenger, & he was incredible.
She attached this YouTube video, and when I watched it, I was hooked.

So many of his songs are on high rotation on my iPod, Wicked Man's Rest and Flight of The Crow are easily amongst my all time favourite albums.

His new album All The Little Lights is about to launch here in Australia, which I'm extremely excited about. This is one guy that I still struggle to understand why radio stations like TripleJ haven't jumped in the passenger's seat with him.
If you're into indie-acustic-pop this guy is worth checking out.

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