Monday, November 28, 2011

Dusting off The Avalanches


So it looks like the sleepy Australian giant 'The Avalanches' are slowly waking up and will soon be delivering us a second album (their first 'Since I Left You 'was in 2000). Talks of a re-release Vinyl of 'Since I Left You' including new remixes by 'Jackson and his Computer Band' (YES PLEASE!) and movement on their twitter feed suggest we're about to hear some big news.

What we know/are guessing is that New Zealand wizard Connan Mockasin will be lending some vocals to a track or two on the new album.

Anyways here is an old set from 2005 played at the late St Jeromes ('twas my favourite place in Melbourne) to tide you over. It's been dusted off and given back to the world via Youtube. Listen below and watch this space for all things The Avalanches.

If you've no idea who The Avalanches are this will refresh your memory.

Grab Since I Left you on vinyl here. It's an album you must listen to from start to finish as it's a journey of whimsical funk and cleverly placed samples.

This album and Oizo's 'Analog Worms Attack' started my whole silly journey into electronic music. Special stuff.

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