Friday, November 4, 2011



So it looks like EB Games Australia is under a bit of fire after releasing this promo video today called "A Man's Guide to Trading".

The video basically depicts a GENIUS way to trade-in your games, spend the extra money on your nagging woman and then she'll leave you alone while you play Modern Warfare 3 for 5 months straight trying to get to 10th prestige.

From my personal experience, I find this video to be very close to the truth, even though it has left female gamers, around the country, furious. My only criticism is, no matter what you do to please your lady, nothing will distract her long enough for her to give you all the time you need with your game. Maybe I'm not very good at picking them.

I think that there are, once again, a few bad eggs out there that can't take a joke. EB Games Australia, has made several comments on twitter, "While I totally appreciate your concern, it was actually written BY a woman as a light hearted way to get our trade message across. There is actually a woman's guide on its way as well. :)"

Maybe you should've released the Woman's guide first. Never the less, I laughed, very hard. (I'm a man)

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