Monday, November 14, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 - It's Over

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Call of Duty Elite, you are the nail that I'm about to hammer into my own head. A nail that is born out of Modern Warfare 3's lacklustre gameplay and continuously repetitive multiplayer. For a game that was supposed to be a step forward from black-ops, it is definitely, a step backwards.

Trying to figure out what has happened here, has been a week long struggle for me. Now I can clearly see why I most likely will be putting MW3 away, for good.

The Even Playing Field

It became quite obvious with the new killstreak system, that MW3 made a lot of moves to allow new gamers the ability to pick up a controller and have the same opportunity as someone who is on Level 80. This is more clear with just about everything, not just killstreaks. Teams are barely able to have any tactics mostly due to the ridiculous maps. There is no way to hold a position. I also haven't found a fully automatic rifle that is unique. Each one seems exactly the same, and sure I've only got up to level 50, but I've lost my patience, completely.


I alluded to this before, but every single map on MW3 looks like it's been created in a week. There are some buildings, then SHIT EVERYWHERE. Every map feels like "Crisis" from Black-ops, undoubtably it's worst. The other maps on Black-ops were amazing in comparison, each one had character, and a unique feel. No longer do I get this from COD, it simply feels like dark, and shit, every map. There is no excitement. 

Call of Duty Elite

It's no secret that COD: Elite can't handle the massive amount of people who invested in this social network. I've calculated that approx $25 million has been paid by users for this service, and still I have yet to access it online (through my browser). The mobile application of this is also nowhere to be found.

I know that this is all a very massive production, from the game itself, to COD: Elite, but $400 million was raked in during the first 24 hours, so my apologies if I have no patience and high expectations for this game.

Get it together. 


  1. Any comment on the campaign side of the game... or do I not want to get you started???

  2. As a campaign, it's not worth the price you pay. The COD campaigns are once again repetitive , even though it does boast an entertaining blockbuster movie feel, though you'll probably plow through it relatively quickly.


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