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Read from the two talented producers below.

"Last evening, just before the normal working day at the BNR headquarter came to an end, Strip Steve and Rynecologist stopped by with their usual entourage to give us a gift, we would've never expected. Before spoiling too much at this point, we will just let the boys explain themselves and tell their affected story..:
"3 weeks ago when Ryne arrived in Berlin, we would meet regularly at the BNR office to do some work, drink Club Mate; eat kebabs and share music. We would sometimes play a bit of this Table Soccer laying there, lonely and untouched, like a grand piano that collects dust in the living room of a suburban house.
To our surprise we started meeting everyday, "same time, same place", and got more and more into it until it became an addiction. Championships turning friends to foes, trash talking, gambling and the slow demise of the table became the quotidian of the office. The ruckus of the games would become such a nuisance to the workers, that we realized we had to do something about it. The fact that we would come and play for hours, while they were working, made us feel guilty.
So here comes Kicker, a track entirely made out of recorded series of games. The spirit of Wishmountain (aka Matthew Herbert) sparked the idea and inspired the core of the track. Every single element (including the Kick, the Toms, the Claps and all the rest) are all sounds from us playing. It is a double statement; both an apology to the BNR boys, and the proof that, "Hey, we were actually working too."
With Love,
Strip Steve & Rynecologist."

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