Thursday, November 3, 2011

We'll still go.

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A new trailer for the Phantom Menace with not a single frame of Jar Jar Binks has just been released for it's 3D iteration!

Ok so we get to see the Phantom Menace (the worst Star Wars film made [in my opinion]) in 3D next February. Perhaps it'll be worth the price of admission just for the Bonta Eve pod race sequence. Perhaps.

This really is all silly and unnecessary. Star Wars fans never asked for these films (especially the O.T.) to be converted to 3D. But curiosity is going to get the better of us (or alcohol) and force us to pay premium price to see these films all over again. I just know it! It's not like you'll be able to avoid the marketing juggernaut that comes along with any release or re release of these films. I'll probably be brushing my teeth with a fucking 'Phantom Menace 3D' Darth Maul toothbrush the weeks leading up to it's release that i plucked out of a cereal box.

It's just not fair and Lucas is taking advantage of me knowing i'll pass over my moderately hard earned cash! CNT!

2012 - Phantom Menace 3D 
2013 - Attack of The Clones 3D
2014 - Revenge of the Sith 3D
2015 - Star Wars AKA A New Hope 3D
2016 - The Empire Strikes Back 3D
2017 - Return of The Jedi 3D

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