Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kodak addresses the rumours

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Here's an interesting read.
Vice President of the Eastman Kodak Company, Kim Snyder, rebuts death-of-film rumours amidst a digital revolution.

Not only has Kodak signed a deal with IMAX to integrate it's new digital laser projection technology into IMAX & IMAX Dome theatres around the world (the potential repercussions of this are huge, as laser projection technology is the next step forward for digital projectors)
but they have announced that they are about to reveal a new member of the Kodak Vision3 film stock family. This is exciting news, Snyder's publication went on to illustrate that this wonderful company that has stood for well over a century is showing no signs of slowing - despite the cessation of production film cameras by Panavision, Aaton & Arri - despite rumours that the German government has intervened and is currently financing the Arri payroll as the company scrambles to reduce it's overheads and produce a 'RED killer'.

Snyder also outlined a new business venture for the company in the form of asset management.

"We are leveraging Kodak technology and intellectual property to bring an innovative digital asset management solution to market. It’s designed for content owners with assets of all formats created over the years."
Snyder explains.

I, as a cinematographer who grew up in a tape dominated home market, never got to shoot film.
I didn't inherit an 8mm bolex camera from my Father, I had a JVC VHSC camera that my parents bought from cash converters for $50. It was an undisciplined way to learn how to shoot.
Here in Queensland, Australia - if we don't shoot film, we lose our processing lab, it's happened once before, but thanks to a leap of faith by the Warner Roadshow studios we have one again, but it's tedious times.
Tight budgets are meaning producers want to shoot digital.
Shooting digital means film cameras, film & processing are out of the job.
Shoot film before we lose it.

"We are still making film – billions of feet of it! Sure, digital technology has impacted how filmmakers approach their work. But Kodak is a company with a long and brilliant presence, all built on ground-breaking science and technology. We are committed to continuing to do so, even in today’s landscape where film and digital coexist."

Snyder went on to say

"Our goal is to continue to show you that Kodak is the go-to resource for the best in image quality and workflow solutions that support your creative intentions – because we know you care."

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