Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rubber says go fuck yourself

@phillyd @oizo3000

As we reported a few days ago, Philip DeFranco's youtube channel, Like Totally Awesome was scheduled to watch Quentin Dupieux's masterpiece, Rubber this week. AND THE RESULTS ARE IN!

I'm so glad that Philip DeFranco gets what this film is about, it's just one great big Fuck You.
This review really hits the nail on the head, and with any luck the French filmmaking God aka beatboner God Mr. Oizo will open up to an entirely new audience and be introduced to the American market from within.

The problem in this cunning plan seems to be that many Americans (most of the LTA movie club members that posted reviews) are fucking stupid and can't understand the irony in a very cleverly crafted, artistic film that gives a big fuck you to cleverly crafted, artistic films.

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