Thursday, July 28, 2011

CONFIRMED: iPhone 5 release second week of September

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According to a reliable source, the iPhone 5 will be released on the second week of September. The source also says that the iPad 3 will be released later than that but still at some point this year.

Castle Awesome has been criticised previously for not releasing our sources, so here it is, hot off the press over at the China Times.


  1. Actually we just got Rebecca Brooks to phone hack Phil Schiller's iPhone.

  2. MMMmmmmm iPhone 5 with iOS 5.... OH that makes sense...

  3. New Apple iPhone 5 Features checkout here

  4. Haha, thanks user iPhone 5. Your linked article about the "new features" includes a big home button, and maybe an 8 MP camera.

    Wow. Amazing. Just stick to reading the articles mate.

  5. Thank God you have reliable sources. Rupert Murdoch says he's impressed. Wants you for some covert operation?

  6. Apple made its promise come true, to finally launch iPhone 5 on September along with new iPod touch, nano and shuffle.


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