Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4D Aromascope and Ricky Gervais voicing a dog.

#skykids #4d #aromascope

Robert Rodriguez you've out done yourself. Now get those smelling cards ready.

Fuck sake is this really happening?!?!

Please press 'Super Lame' if you think 'aromascope' will never ever take off. Interestingly enough film makers decades ago tried this and failed. I feel history will be repeating itself.


  1. I always enjoyed the 4D cinema experiences at dreamworld/disneyland. But they were more based on the sense of touch than smell, which they can't do in traditional cinemas without rigging them specifically for the films.

  2. The Aroma Scope gimmick has FAILED all across the country. The scratch and sniff cards DO NOT WORK. Don't waste your money.


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