Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Harry Pothead's midnight session

Pre-teens and cat ladies around the world have been cueing up for hours to see the new Harry Potter film (I don't usually tell people this, but I'm actually a wizard. i was going to go to Hogworts to study, but that place looks fucking dangerous)

heres a twitpic that was sent to us just moments ago of the midnight screening in Ipswich.

what a dick.


  1. I guess i must be a pre-teen cat lady. Didn't cue up for hours though, got to the cinema at 12:00, for a 12:04 showing. Even though i knew how it ended, i still enjoyed the twists and turns that the film threw at you. This has to be the darkest Harry Potter film. With plenty of characters being killed off. A fitting end to a story that has taken up almost 15 years of my life from the moment i read the first book to the end of the final film.

  2. Ur a fag. How many magic wands can you shove up ur ass?

  3. i've actually had some time to process the film now, and i've changed my mind. It's a good popcorn flick, but it's a pale shadow compared to the book. they leave out large chunks of the story in favour of action. They leave out the ideology of the books that made them so compelling. It just felt a little flat.


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