Thursday, July 21, 2011

OSX Lion appearing problematic in early stages


On the heels of a devastating release of Final Cut Pro X, Apple are well and truly in "make or break" territory. Lest we forget the trust this world had in one of the leading video software programmes before it became obsolete due to a high number of bad decisions. Therefore, you must understand why I will be so harsh on Apple today, during the release of "The most advanced operating system in the world".

I'm actually not going to get into the details of the system itself, as I'm sure that will be regurgitated among the masses in due course, but I will raise some issues that I personally think should've been on Apple's "to-do" list prior to this release.

I reported a few days ago, that OSX Lion would be available on the 20th of July, 8.30am EST, U.S. time (10.30pm my time, here in Australia). Magically all relevant websites in the U.S., include, updated thier pages to reveal Lion's official premiere. The Australian Apple website.. was slightly slower.

Which became obvious when trying to download the software.

I was taken back to the late 90's. I was 12 years old and listening to the most popular radio station at the time. Suddenly the radio station DJ asks the public to call into the station, and the 5th caller to get through, would win a CD (Compact Disc, which in the future, could be turned into mp3's). I rushed to get the phone, went to all the trouble of dialling the number and waited for the response. It was busy. I hung up, and hit redial. Still busy. I hung up again, and hit redial. STILL BUSY. I soon became a robot and simply pressed redial, hung up, pressed redial, hung up, pressed redial etc etc.

As was my initial OSX Lion experience. A message saying "App temporarily unavailable, Please try again later". Over, and Over, and Over again.

I honestly assumed there may of been some issue with availability, as if for some reason, the Macbook that was being used to upload the master copy of Lion to the web, froze up, like mine fucking does all the time.

But as some Australians reported on twitter, they were getting through. How? Keep on pressing that redial button.

Also, who the fuck releases the most advanced operating system, only available to DOWNLOAD, at the end of the month? I'm so closed to having my internet capped down to dial up, the 4GB Lion download would take me well and truly into next month.

I would double check the grammar on this post, but after the amount of time it took to write, my OSX Lion download is complete. Wish me luck, I'll no doubt post another scathing article soon.

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