Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Siriusmo gift-pack

#Siriusmo #Modeselektor #MonkeyTownRecords

Love your Mo?
Here at CaslteAwesome we sure do!

Show your love of Siriusmo with this cool / limited edition bundle from the MonkeyTown Records online store.

You get:
A shirt featuring the same artwork as the Pearls & Embarrassments compilations.
A fancy MonkeyTown Records tote/grocery bag
A choice of Siriusmo's incredible Mosaik album on either CD or Vinyl

buy! buy! buy!


  1. this is brilliant!

  2. so cheap at only €35
    a shame they only have medium and small sized shirts though

  3. when you put through your order, if you're paying with paypal there's a section where you can send instructions to the seller,

    I asked if they could send me an XL and they said that wasn't a problem.
    they run such a small operation all you need to do is ask.

    i think the girl who works in the office/basement there's name is Lisa.


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