Monday, May 16, 2011


To celebrate the upcoming release of SebastiAn's Total (May 31st) i thought I'd walk down memory lane and have a look at a Quentin Dupieux's (aka Mr. Oizo) film 'Steak'. SebastiAn and Kavinsky can be seen here in this scene greeting each other in the 'Chivers' way. Chivers are a gang who hang out in cool jackets, better themselves with Plastic Surgery and drink milk. Learn the 'Chivers' handshake, watch Steak and be a better person for it.

WARNING - the clip is in French  and has no subtitles although it's only important to see the CHIVERS greeting in action. - END OF WARNING.

sauce -

If you haven't seen Steak (you really should) the only real way you can see it (with subtitles) is by buying it below on amazon. It took me years to find this film with the english subtitles so please save yourself the run around.


  1. WARNING! this video is in French.
    srsly. warning.

  2. Nice to see Steak getting some love! I hosted this at a movie night a few different times last month and it was a hit.
    Every time I watch it, it makes me want to don a letter jacket and drink milk all day, bahaha.

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  4. I had no idea Steak was available with subtitles and actually read an interview with Oizo saying the producers had no interest in releasing it in English. So I don't believe you at all, but I will follow that link and buy immediately. ;)

    Also, that clip gives me a real similar vibe to his Analog Worms Attack video (with the illegal worm race in a forest), check it out if you haven't.

  5. Yeh I've checked out the Analog Worms Attack clip. Similar sense of camaraderie between the characters.

    Yeah it has subtitles. I got it from this exact link. Oizo lies!

    I've watched and enjoyed it several times.

    Enjoy it Mr. Skillet and follow this shitty blog to keep up with the chaos if you like.

  6. I want to do the Chivers greeting so bad haha except nobody I know has seen the movie....haizzzz so lame.....


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