Friday, May 27, 2011

50 Weapons of Choice 10-19

From da Monkeytown

"Long before Monkeytown Records Modeselektor started the 50 Weapons label back in 2006 as an anonymous white label series. No artist names, no release information, no cover art, just pure high class DJ music. Modeselektor, Siriusmo, Housemeister, Moderat, Headhunter, T++ and Shackleton, Bok Bok, Roska and many more appeared on the earliest white labels, later bundled as "50 Weapons of Choice # 02-09", a CD that was released as an ultra limited and numbered compilation, only available in indie stores.

"50 Weapons of Choice # 10-19" comes as the even stronger follow up, unmixed, with many new label signings, big names and hot newcomers all combined on an almost 1 hour long bass mission to defeat boredom".

Listen to this, it's like having your penis gurgled in luke warm water. Only listen on the best of speakers or headphones otherwise you arent going to appreciate this. Some real gems on here and some that do get old, fast.

A new one on here is Bok Bok's take on Art & Cash. He really rides his bike on this one (pun intended). Once again Monekytown are kind enough to show off the whole compilation with only a few annoying beeps here and there.

Listen to this at 2am after a big night out and the ringing in your ears is too much to bare.

Various Artists "50 Weapons of Choice # 10-19" (50WEAPONSCD02) by Modeselektor


01 Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka “Creeper”
02 Phon.o “IL62”
03 Benjamin Damage “Zeppelin”
04 Cosmin TRG “Izolat”
05 Anstam “Albert”
06 Modeselektor “Art & Cash – Bok Bok Remix”
07 Falty DL “Large Flash”
08 HumanLeft “Arnaud & Bernard”
09 Cosmin TRG “Separat”
10 Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka “Infamous”

total play time: 56:56

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