Friday, May 27, 2011

Radio Daze.

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So, exciting news, if you are unable to get to Vivid festival or one of the 2ManyDJs side shows but are still in the mood for a bit of Soulwax love, you just need to pull out your old transistor radio and give those knobs a twiddle.

Radio Soulwax

As part of the Vivid Live Festival the Belgians behind 2manydjs and electro-rock outfit Soulwax present a once-off series of radio shows on triple j. So one of the most significant outfits on the electronic music scene of the last two decades, live on your radio - yesssss!

Each night they'll mashup a unique theme, chat to the Vivid Live artists hanging out backstage at the Opera House and call for your ideas for the music on the show. Expect the unexpected - and to be blown out of your chair with Soulwax Radio.
on ya radio

* 6pm Tuesday - 31st May
* 6pm Wednesday - 1st June
* 6pm Thursday - 2nd June
* 6pm Friday - 3rd June

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