Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pearls & Embarressments - Siriusmo (2000 - 2010)

Forty-two tracks including eight previously unpublished. Siriusmo has been in the business of making beats for 10 years and in this compilation (a kind of best of?) you can really see the mix of his newer more refined sound with his more cartoony sounding past.

"Most of the nearly 100 Siriusmo tracks released since the new millenium have been available only on vinyl singles. „Pearls & Embarrassments“ brings many of them for the first time to a digital life. Not only for recent Siriusmo devotees, but also for long time fans and record collectors this 2xCD will hold many surprises.

Siriusmo was digging deep in his archives and personally selected 8 unreleased tracks which so far had never fit any format. Hard to believe when you hear tracks like „Dunkelrot“ and „Hello DJ“, which alone could have easily made another hit single"


Listen to the whole thing here (with some beeps in it). Buy in June 24 only on CD :(
Siriusmo "Pearls & Embarressments : 2000 - 2010" (MONKEYTOWN013 2xCD) OUT JUNE 24 by Modeselektor

CD 01 Tracklisting:

CD01_01 The Plasterer Of Love 03:15
CD01_02 Simple 04:27
CD01_03 The Door 02:08
CD01_04 The Univited Guest 02:43
CD01_05 Wow 03:44
CD01_06 Femuscle 03:19
CD01_07 Gummiband 03:58
CD01_08 All The Girls 03:22
CD01_09 Schreitmaschine 01:57
CD01_10 Let me in! 03:05
CD01_11 Erste Sein 03:28
CD01_12 Urlaub in Berlin 03:16
CD01_13 Rockwurst 03:10
CD01_14 Minirock 02:58
CD01_15 Watsollndit 03:06
CD01_16 Heimweh Fernweh 02:01
CD01_17 Ick hab wat bessret vor 02:26
CD01_18 Katharsis Impossible 02:00
CD01_19 Blaue Sonne 04:33
CD01_20 Dunkelrot 03:55
CD01_21 Hello DJ 03:12

CD 02 Tracklisting:

CD02_01 Girls Rock 03:13
CD02_02 Diskoding 03:12
CD02_03 Cuba 04:25
CD02_04 Synthie 03:56
CD02_05 Au Au Au! 04:35
CD02_06 Discosau 03:54
CD02_07 Mbox 04:51
CD02_08 Last Dear 04:07
CD02_09 Dip. Dap. 04:03
CD02_10 Liebe machen 03:40
CD02_11 L.I.Z.I. 04:34
CD02_12 Ick hab wat bessret vor (Electro Version) 03:49
CD02_13 Komm Mit 02:28
CD02_14 Trommellied 04:32
CD02_15 U-Again 02:34
CD02_16 Berlin Berlin 01:46
CD02_17 Nicht gewesen 02:59
CD02_18 Motoric 04:19
CD02_19 Rote Beete 03:51
CD02_20 Meine Welt 03:42
CD02_21 Es hört nie auf 03:02

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