Saturday, May 28, 2011

PluralEyes gets better.

When HDSLR guru Philip Bloom told me about this nifty bit of software back in February, i thought it sounded pretty cool - but it was over priced and a bit clunky. but it looks like a couple of slight updates later and PluralEyes is now a truly feasible and essential part of a low-budget productions work flow.

PluralEyes is an automated piece of software that will plug into most editing systems (such as FCP, Premier or Vegas) and will automatically bulk- sync your good quality audio (recorded by your awesome soundie) with the on-camera shitty audio or guide track. perfect for shoots on a HDSLR camera such as the Canon 5D mkII, 7D, 1D mkIV or Nikon D3s where the pictures are pretty, but the audio is shithouse.

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