Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apple stuff.

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As expected, Apple announced today that it will release the iCloud at the company's Worldwide Developer's Conference next week.

None other than Steve Jobs, the company's co-founder and CEO will help launch the service among others at WWDC starting June 6.

The iCloud is a much anticipated cloud services that we know little about other than that Apple managers have sought to create a music feature for the service.

Apple has wrapped up licensing agreements with three of the four top record companies, including EMI Music, Warner Music, and Sony Music. CNET reported that Apple and Universal Music, the largest of the major record companies, could ink a deal possibly soon. This would give Apple recorded-music rights to most of the popular music out there. To offer a fully functional cloud music service though, Apple still needs publishing rights.

There's still no word yet on how those negotiations are progressing. We'll poke around and update this later.

Read more: CNet site

Brooksbot EDIT: As of 5:20am today, The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Apple will get Universal Music to sign on the dotted line this week, meaning they have locked in all four major labels, and are hinting that with this final piece to the puzzle, CEO Steve Jobs may wish so reveal iCloud ahead of the WWDC next week.
I'm not sure why, it's only a week away, but this is what the papers say </poem>

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