Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lacie wants to see your precious data planking

Lacie Australia has just announced the launch of it's Planking competition.
take a photo of your super expensive Lacie HDD planking in a super awesome position, post it onto thier Facebook page and you could win a brand spanking new4, 8 or 16GB iamakey worth up to $69.00

personally, i'm going to make sure that planking is covered by their warranty before i go risking my $600 HDD to this curiously stupid competition.

Whilst Planking has received international headlines over the past few weeks, from what i can gather, it is a uniquely Australian pastime / way to thwart Darwin's theory.
the challenge is to lay down in a completely horizontal position, make your body completely straight and rigid (like a plank of wood - it's a dumbed down variation of the yoga position) and get someone to take a photo of it.
Then post the photo online, and let the internet community give you a score from 1 to 10 based on your planking technique and your chosen location to plank.


It's probably worthwhile noting that people have been arrested (such as this guy planking on a police car) and people have also died whilst attempting to plank in dangerous places.
It's completely stupid, but there are some pretty funny ones out there.

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