Thursday, May 26, 2011

The best movie going experience in Brisbane.

The Tribal Theatre on George St in the Brisbane CBD is super swell. I just got back from the last showing of Citizen Kane (35mm) there and I have to say I'm one satisfied customer.

-Cheap tickets ($10 for adults)
-Cheaper tickets ($6 ticket once you have become a member for $10 (membership includes a free ticket)
-B.Y.O. Yes you read that correctly you can booze up whilst watching motion pictures (beer & wine only, $5 corkage)
-No one goes there.
-Free internet

So grab some vino a few mates/date/your dad and go see a rad film at this humble abode.

Yes you have probably seen these films before. BUT NOT LIKE THIS. There is nothing like seeing a 35mm print of a great old film.

Coming up.....

A Hitchcock classic. Cat and Mouse Thriller Gold. 
Hitchcock 35mm
May 26 - June 1

If you haven't seen this (shame on you) then you're about to have an experience you will never forget.
Kubrick 35mm
June 2 - 8

Kubrick's Vietnam film (stole Platoon's poster) well worth the watch.
Kubrick 35mm
June 9 - 15

Outrageously wicked but joyously fun and melodic. This and 2001 are Kubrick's best. Not to be missed.
Kubrick 35mm
June 16 - 22

One night onlys to see.

THE ROOM - July 1
BIRDEMIC - July 15
THE CROW - July 29

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