Friday, May 27, 2011

Birdemic at the Tribal Theatre

So, many of you guys would have heard about Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece The Room
It is a favourite horrible film of ours. The Tribal Theatre in Birsbane's CBD (the old Dendy on George St) has taken it upon itself to ensure that everybody has access to see this terrible film.
We first saw a bootleg copy of The Room about 18 months ago - since then, there has been a well deserved ground swell of people wanting to see this film.

Equaly exciting and i'm hoping equally as bad, is this film which has been on my radar for about 12 months now, Birdemic.
see the trailer below, and you'll understand why all of us here at want to see it.
luckily, the mysterious folks over at The Tribal Theatre think it looks pretty awesome too - so they're screening it. excited!
Tribal Theatre - Click Here!

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