Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Activision to slug MW3 players a monthly fee

Activision has revealed that they are planning on not only charging an obscene fortune for their game MW3, due for release later this year, but are seriously investigating the feasibility of an ongoing monthly fee.

Clearly Activision, the juggernaut behind one of the most profitable video game franchises ever, thinks that you video gamers have too much money burning a hole in your pocket - and at the moment you're getting too much bang for your buck.
The monthly fee will entitle subscribers to members only map packs and the other limited edition doo-dads players currently get for free or for a one time payment.

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TimmehB. Edit: - Just a quick note, they are definitely doing this, but they aren't actually charging to play online, if you just purchase the game you will still have access to all the regular online COD features. The extra fee is to access a whole heap of 'Elite' stuff. what that is exactly they haven't said, but it will involve extra maps and statistic services to help you work out how to make your own premium classes based on your game play, so on and so forth.

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