Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sorry, What's the point?

So, it has recently come to my attention that we have quite a few people who read this blog and like to comment, so I'm putting this out to all of you.

Tell me, what is the fucking point, of this.

A 12TB RAID system with only 2 thunderbolt ports.

Before you get up my ass about this, this is a 12TB RAID system, that is only available through a single computer with a Thunderbolt port. So it is a 12TB external hard drive.

I completely understand that you could connect it to a new mac book, and then from another computer, connect to the mac book and file share from and to this 12TB system.... but that kind of defeats the purpose of the thunderbolt speeds right?

It does have 2 thunderbolt ports, which means two thunderbolt compatible systems can mount the raid system, but that still doesn't explain what they mean by "Great for Small business"... I guess it means, really really small business (1 - 2 employees) generating a massive amount of digital information.

So I think this is useless... You know what wouldn't be useless. A smaller, more portable hard drive that utilises the thunderbolt speeds.

Oh that's right, this company (the only company to have thunderbolt compatible products on the market) do not make any external storage system less than a 4tb RAID system.

Thanks Fuckers.

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