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Duke Nukem Forever reviewed and reviewed

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Edit by TimmehB: - So, I've actually finished the game now and i thought i'd post a few thoughts. Like Matt mentions, it's not your typical FPS. Duke Nukem Forever belongs in 1998 with backwards baseball caps and Aqua. Yet somehow the nostalgia keeps it alive. The quirky one liners and the over sexualised women give it a much needed fresh feel from all the other COD copies floating around. The controls are a bit clunky and take a little while to get used to, the lack of proper aiming was a little difficult for me to process at first, but once you get into the game it takes you on a ride through your childhood. Probably not gonna be the best game out this year, and although its been done so many times before, i know COD and BF3 are gonna dwarf DNF, which is unfortunate because triptech and 3D Realms have given you back a piece of your youth with this one.
Well worth your time and money.

Below is an example of sublime game journalism.


This video actually contains a review of DNF and does a half decent job of rounding up the important bits at E3 whilst hating on Nintendo.

Also we here in the land of Aus have had Duke Nukem Forever available for two days now. I've played about an hour (thats all I've had time for) and I must say i hated it from the get go. HOWEVER! I was in the mind set of other modern shooters. YOU CANT BE. Forget games of today, remember your love for the duke and have an 'old school' blast. This game has enough charisma and a crude comments to be worth your while. So far anyways.

I know Mr. Beavis has played a lot longer than me and might let you know what he thinks shortly.

Also this.

Bajo is one of Australia's most respected game journalists and wasn't able to talk about DNF

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