Wednesday, June 1, 2011

100 years of Titanic metaphors.

Today, a very somber ceremony hosted by the decedents of those who worked in the construction, and those who perished on the worlds largest ocean-liner honoured 100 years since the unsinkable ship slipped from its dry dock and into the waters of Belfast harbour. A single flair was fired into the early morning sky as a minute silence was observed by those gathered on the dock.
It was nearly a year later that the Titanic embarked on it's maiden voyage across the atlantic where  the ship and 1,503 people perished.

The Titanic cost $7.5million to build
It too 3,000 workers 2 years to complete the Titanic
The price of a single First Class ticket was $4,700 which in todays economy equals nearly US$50,000 or $9million New Zealand pieces of silver.

But meanwhile, on the other side of the world Jackie Chan was filming his very first feature film!
Congratulations to Jackie Chan for 100 years in the film industry! Great Job!

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