Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is FCPX any good? Apple says: NOT YET


Apple have released a FAQ which answers either Yes, or Not Yet to every "Frequently Asked Question" apart from one.

You will never ever ever ever ever be able to import or open a project from Final Cut 7 or below into FCPX. This program is neither Backwards nor Forwards compatible. It is a brand new piece of software, which Apple claims to be missing over 50% of it's functionality.

Still funny how you can import iMovie projects.

So, here is my Question to you. Final Cut is Dead. A new piece of software is born. FCPX. What do you do?

Learn the new software?
Or go with a competitor, who isn't missing any of its internal workings?

Personally, I hope this problem just dies, so I don't feel obliged to keep posting shit about it.

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