Sunday, June 26, 2011

The end of an era.

I know i wasn't alone when i said i was a little bummed out that Pixar's film for the year was Cars 2.
& to prove the well trained eyes of avid cinema lovers can see a flop coming a mile away, Pixar has recieved a kick in the pants with this shitty sequal recieving Pixar's first ever 'Rotten' rating on

At the time of writing, Cars 2 was sitting on a woeful 33%

Now, the thing to take into account is that Pixar is now no longer the biggest kid on the jungle gym, with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) showing that they are not just the undisputed gods of VFX, but now, after Rango, they are more than capable of knocking Pixar off their perch.

so, in 2011, Cars 2 (pixar) vs Rango (ILM) ??

...Rango wins.

Pixar has had a long standing reputation of making some of the most incredible animated films ever made, and they had better come up with something earth-shatteringly good if they want to hold onto that reputation.


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