Wednesday, June 15, 2011

IMPORT! IMPORT! IMPORT! While the Aussie dollar is hot!

So this appeared on the US Apple Store overnight.
Unlocked iPhone 4
Poor old US customers were restricted to AT&T who are the USAs overpriced and underwhelming telco, until Verizon managed to slip enough dollar bills into Steve Jobs diamond studded g-string to get on the iPhone train too.
But now they've got to be feeling like they should not have made that bargain.

With the release of an unlocked handset - the whole exercise was a massive waste of time. Kind of like everything after the first 20 mins of The Phantom Menace.

Meanwhile, Aussies with cash burning a hole in thier pocket might be wanting to take advantage of the good exchange rate at the moment.

....or you could just not piss your money away and wait for the iPhone 5 like a smart person.

more here!

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