Thursday, June 30, 2011


#theoffice #jamesspader

So, I officially don't care. James Spader appeared to be the best person to replace Steve Carrel, to save a show no one really liked that much. What do you think happens?

They do just that. James Spader will be hired to fill the managers position at Dunder Miflin.

Here is the finger in yer stinker, Spader's character will feel the role is too small for him and convince the board to make him CEO, replacing a character currently played by Kathy Bates, but only on a less than frequent basis.

Sooooo....... Huh?

James Spader will be hired to replace Bates, leaving the Carrel job still open, and probably freeing up some salary from the over-paid, over-weight, over rated oscar winner, Kathy Bates.


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