Thursday, June 30, 2011

New NBC TV Series AWAKE - Trailer

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It must be getting harder and harder for Television studios to convince viewers to watch a brand new show, since people are already overloaded with solid programming, most of which lasts, on average, 8 seasons.

Today, I was convinced, by a trailer. I'm not putting all my money on it, because it is on a public US network (which means no boobies, swearing or any production values), but I have hopes that the somewhat failing network, NBC, are banking every single person's job on this show, and if this has that type of importance and urgency attached to it, it will be good.

WHY? Because a cable show can have Boobies (HBO's True Blood & Entourage), Swearing (Showtime's Dexter & Weeds), Production value (AMC's Walking Dead & Mad Men), amazing casts (Dexter & Entourage) and huge name Executive producers (Boardwalk Empire's Martin Scorsese & The Pacific's Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg), but there is one aspect that you don't need money to buy (and some of the cable shows don't have anyways).

Story. Or simpler yet, an idea.

As much as people will say it's a made-for-tv rip off of Inception, you couldn't be more wrong. Inception, through and through, was science-fiction. Awake boast a very real human drama.

I personally have invested interest in this idea, as many people would who lost someone close to them. We have all had that feeling of waking up from a dream, that felt so real you wish you were there again. If you have been through something like this, as I have, don't be surprised if you shed a tear. Enjoy.

Awake will premiere in the US fall tv lineup, so around September.


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