Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adobe to World: I TOLD YOU SO

#FCPX #ADOBE @al_mooney

Adobe, you are in front. Just shut up and let FCPX die a horrible death. (Actually, that's not true, how bout you make premiere just a little better, closer to FCP 7). Instead, an arrogant and condescending statement has been released.

Here are a few pieces -

"But the most important thing I want to say to all the newly turning heads is simply this: Adobe is committed making a modern, powerful, useable, professional NLE. In fact, we’re developing harder and faster than ever before. We will continue updating and improving Premiere Pro with regular, timely releases. We’ll continue striving to improve performance, to offer the best native format support possible, and to make the pure experience of just editing – in the way that you’ve learnt to – as intuitive and creative as possible.

I expect that the more you experiment with Premiere Pro, the more you’ll tell us where you’d like it to go next. There will always be bumps on the learning curve with an application new to you, just as there will be things you didn’t have before and wonder how you lived without. I just want you to know that we’re listening to you, the editors, and we aim to continue building an application that you love and can rely on.

This is going to be fun."

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