Wednesday, June 15, 2011

McDonalds pisses off an entire suburb

This ad was pulled from the New York subway network after some fat-cat in city hall ran out of productive things to do.
Far Rockaway, which is a shithole, is the end of the line in Queens - Ergo, this Mcdonalds ad offers a toast to not nodding off and being woken up by a prodding train driver telling you to get off.

The Councilmen, James Sanders released this statement regarding how he feels the ad hurts the people of Far Rockaways feelings.

"I can assure the marketing boys over at McDonald's that most people don't wind up in the Rockaways by accident, they come for the beauty, serenity and entertainment that our peninsula offers, especially in the hot summer months when our beaches are overrun with visitors from Manhattan who flock to our shores."

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