Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three Masterful German Music Producers - Two upcoming LPs.

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Jan Driver (Jan Siebert) & Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) will soon be releasing new full length albums. Hip Hip Hooray!

AMATILDA - Jan Driver's first LP

This will be Driver's first album after many releases on his own label 'Grand Petrol' (one on BNR & numerous others). This 90's techno wizard has grown from strength to strength creating increasingly arousing tracks over the years. It wasn't until his track 'Tellyfoam' on Miami Noize 2010 when he started to turn more heads (myself included [ok there was 'Rat Alert' before that]). JD (yuck never abbreviate Jan Driver's name) went on to release the Gain Reaction EP on BNR (CastleWorthy, GET IT!) and  'Rattlesteak' on Miami Noize 2011.

He really is becoming one of my favorite producers today. Driver gets extra points for mastering Siriusmo tracks & appearing to be good friends with him/pushing Mo into DJing in the early days (see below).

ALSO! Siriusmo did a feature track with Driver on his new album. Be excited and look forward to a pre album single release 'AMT' out August 1 on BNR (Boys Noize Records).

Listen to the Prologue of AMATILDA below and stare at the cover art above. Such amazing wind sounds.
 Prologue by Jan Driver

MONKEYTOWN - Modeselektor's third Album

Modeselektor have been working on this third album for quite some time now (they've been tweeting 'studio' for many many months). Saying things like 'I THINK "KILL BILL VOL.4" & "THE BLACK BLOCK" ARE HAVING A EVIL TWIN NOW..."  lets us know there's going to be some classic MONSTER tracks on this record. After waiting four years for this 10 track album featuring Bus Driver, PVT and Tom Yorke to name just a few you should be drooling for it. Monkeytown will be released on Monkeytown Records September 30.

Buy Modeselektor's previous albums below (BUY VINYL) Even better buy them from here

Grab Jan Driver's Rattlesteak below on this great compilation. 

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