Monday, July 11, 2011

C-3P0 in new TV show from Ricky Gervais

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My apologies for posting a lot about Ricky Gervais over the last couple of days, but I saw a new video containing a certain gold robot, and I just simply had to share.

I've embedded the video below, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what is going on here (ok, you might need some knowledge of Star Wars), but I can safely say one thing, which is unconfirmed, but is still a safe bet.

Anthony Daniels will not be in this episode. Why? Probably because he is way too good to be in a shitty little tv show for the BBC. Voice acting for Cartoon Network, and shitty appearances at Disney Land functions ONLY.

Seriously though, Anthony Daniels could do himself a favour, and jump on this band wagon, because let's face it, everything Ricky Gervais touches, turns to..... Artistic integrity. To be honest, I'd like to see myself wrong on this one.

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