Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apple CFO confirms OSX Lion Launch Date

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Thank Christ. Finally, I can stop posting about this.

Apple CFO released the Q3 earnings report today, and no surprises, Apple reported a record-breaking quarter with $7.31 billion in profit.

Apple, being Apple, decided to stream the results live over the net, and during this call, Apple's CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, officially stated that OSX Lion will hit the Mac App Store, "tomorrow, July 20th".

Just to clarify international times. July 20th in the United States. The only question is, will it be at midnight, or will it be at 8.30am as I reported yesterday? Well the truth is, it could be anytime between them. As long as it is ready to purchase before Apple retail outlets open for business.

So to you Australians - we are potentially seeing Lion hit our App Store as earlier as 2pm today, as late as 10.30pm tonight, or Apple could delay other parts of the world for next business day etc. Personally, we all know it is reasonably easy to obtain illegal copies of previous operating systems in the past, so I think Apple will make it available for all, in a global release. No one minds paying $30 for an OS, but I know I'll have ant's in my pant if I have to wait.

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