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Nobody Beats the Drum.

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Nobody Beats the Drum are a great little musical trio.

They have a new music video out, and if you saw their old one 'Grindin' (which you can also find at the bottom of the page) you may be interested in this.

And a making of.

Heres an interview i translated from swedish using googles nifty translator, Which i was well impressed with, i didn't know what language it was, but apparently google figures that out for you.

Sauce: Swedish Website.

Nobody Beats The Drum is a Dutch dance / electro band. The trio from Utrecht has a mixed style with everything from electro, breakbeat to hip-hop. The group was formed in 2003 and won the same year the Grand Prix of the Netherlands. Their first album "Beats Work" came out in 2008 and then followed up with the album "Remixes We did." The album contained the remixes, in particular, Zuco 103, Aux Raus and Shameboy.

- Hey guys! Can you tell us briefly about who you are for those who do not know?

- $: Our electronic band consisting of three members: two musicians (Jori Collignonerboner, $ Jammie The Money) and a video director (Roger Von Swaggerstein). We play loud as hell. We make high sounds and ensures that it lavishes on our music.

- J: That's right.

- What other artists have inspired you?

- $: A lot different. I used to listen to the mass of hip-hop and sample-based stuff. I'm still a big fan of the Beastie Boys, for example. Jori liked bands like The Beatles and New Wave music.
Of course there are some bands that you can not ignore: Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy. The three largest in the 90's.

- Tell me about the best show and the wildest after-party you had.

- J: We are currently working with a new live set. We will start touring in October, when we release our new album. The new show will be slightly larger than what we ever did before. Musically and visually. We have built a large installation of screens. It will be so much fun. So I expect our best gig is a couple of months.

- The best after-party for me, I guess, was last year when we toured in the U.S.. We rented a 15 meter long motor home and drove around in it. After the show we rolled out of town and spend the night in a national park. There was a BBQ feast and a dip in the River. Not so wild maybe. The day after we heard that there were wild bears in the park that had been tearing us apart.

-The craziest afterparty I do not remember but I woke up with a small tooth in the jaw. Do not remember at all how I lost it.

- R: I woke up inside a toilet in Russia again. The other guys in the band tried to beat down the door. I had apparently passed out of a homemade vodka that we were invited to after the gig. I am happy today that the guys managed to come in and save me.

- Have you ever tried drugs? If yes, what?

- $: Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

- J: Some drugs are bad, yes. But far too compartmentalised and clean "Smith-lifestyle" can and will destroy our artistic inspiration. So we try to test everything (well, almost anyway). But so far, the only mushrooms that really made something special for me. Do take it maybe once a year, somewhere outside the city, or maybe at some Swedish lake with lots of friends, mmmkay?

- What was the plan behind the video for Grindin? Personally think that it is one of the coolest videos made.

- R: I wanted to do a video where the images would blend in with the music as much as possible. I did some tests to move the blocks a few years earlier, after being inspired by Oscar Fischingers works. He was a German animator who did much work of genius in the 1930s. I wanted the audience would be in a place where nothing was fixed, and all seemed to wiggle. I'm still really happy with the results.

- Will you play in Sweden soon?

- $: Hopefully!

- J: Yes. Say when you want us to come.

- What is the craziest thing that has happened to you during a tour?

- $: Jori peed on my arm once when I was asleep. There was no harm meant, he said afterward.

- J: Nothing personal. Just kiss. I slept well. If only everyone could have slept, it would be as if nothing happened, sigh.

- When you release a new music video?

- $: We have just released a video for the Poisson Vert. Check it out.

- R: In the video for Poisson Vert We spent seven long nights in a large forest, trying to animate with light balls and candles on the tree. After that I have spent several months in a studio with old Christmas trees for a few "aditional shots." I'm really glad it is finally finished. Be sure to check out the!

More about the Nobody Beats The Drum you can read on the band's website:

Here are some more of their awesome videos.


Making of Grindin'.

The Drum.

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