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Prometheus. Start getting excited.

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Ridley Scott is back to Science fiction after over two decades away from the genre. Prometheus first regarded as an 'Alien prequel' is now just 'set in the alien universe' after Damon Lindelof (Lost) rewrote the original script. So what is it about? Fox released this in the last few days and it really doesn't tell us much

"Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe. The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life’s ultimate mystery"


Ok so I've come to the conclusion that Prometheus is going to be about the race of Alien we find dead in the derelict spaceship in the first/best Alien film. I've heard stories this elephant faced race used the xenomorphs to take over worlds. 

Obviously using Xenomorphs to your advantage can/will backfire. 

I found this on Alien Species Wiki 

"Aliens director James Cameron also called the creature the "Big Dental Patient". These large elephant-creatures may be the first victims of the Xenomorphs (also seen in the Alien series) and perhaps also their creators. Their discovery was made in the first Alien movie, when the commercial starship Nostromo set down on the unsurveyed moon LV-426 in response to a signal interpreted as a distress call. The crew found a wrecked derelict spacecraft with a dead lifeform inside, apparently its "pilot". No other remains were found, and they are not referred to in the other films of the series".

Watch the below clip of Ridley discussing Prometheus via satellite at this years Comic Con.

 I love the fact that all the ship interiors and a lot of the sets were actually built and not just shot against green screen. Ridley has obviously been impressed by what he can do with 3D and swears to never shoot 2D again. He's joined the Zemeckis Express. Get it? Robert Zemeckis swears by 3D, made the Polar Express, hopped on the train that is exclusive 3D film makers. I fucking hate myself. Anyway let's dot point why you should be excited. 

  • Ridley Scott returning to Sci fi
  • Set in the Alien universe
  • Michael Fassbender
  • Androids
  • Earth is finally seen in the Alien Universe
  • We discover more about the alien race (Mala'kak AKA Space Jockeys) found in the derelict spaceship in the original film
  • Ridley Scott returning to Sci Fi
  • It's rumoured Charlize Theron will be doing naked pushups in the film
  • A lot of the film will be physically created and not in a puter (computer)
  • It's being shot in 3D. No 3D in post! (effing hate post 3D!)
  • Ridley Scott (Bladerunner, Alien) returning to Sci Fi

This is the only still released so far. Now ponder on what the hell we're looking at. 

If you aren't excited by this then you should probably watch 'Alien' again on the newly, maginficently remastered blu ray edition. Also Aliens. Aliens rocks! Buy below.

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