Thursday, July 14, 2011

ACMI plays host to The Illusionist

If you're in Melbourne between now and the 25th of July... lucky you.
If you just so happen to be wandering past Federation Square and have a spare couple of hours up your sleeve, do yourself a favour and go to ACMI and buy a ticket to see this wonderfully charming french animated film. Nominated for an Academy Award, until now, this film was nearly impossible to get hold of in this country (legally).
In addition to screening the film, a detailed 'behind the scenes' of how this incredibly underrated film came to fruition (very interesting story!).

The plotline is as follows: A struggling French magician finds himself out of work, so he embarks on an adventure to Scotland where he befriends a young girl, Alice, who becomes enchanted with his magic tricks.

"The Illusionist understands the illusions that sustain us in youth and that we have to let slip in the end. It's the rare work of art that cherishes both the magic and the trick."

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