Saturday, July 16, 2011

Light Year 5 Remixes EP plus Special Gift

New release from Australia's biggest beat boner beard-gods, Light Year, has finally dropped. 5 Remixes (5Girl5 Remix EP) comes just in time to keep that massive snowball of momentum growing. Currently resident DJ's for July on Australia's number one radio station, Triple J, Light Year haven't stopped the music yet since their extremely successful debut EP, Night / Vision, which hit our earwaves a little over a year ago.

Please purchase the following:

At Castle Awesome, we are big BIG fans of Light Year, and very late last year, we decided to make a Music Video to their popular track, 5 Girls. With absolutely no money, and only an ounce of creativity, this is what we smashed together. Please enjoy this extremely unofficial music video. All footage produced by us (apart from the nature doco shit we stole from Attenborough, he's got too much anyway and should learn to share.)

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