Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Re Re Re Release.

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This clip (see below) from the best animated show on television is so relevant today as Spielberg announced that he would be releasing ET on Blu Ray in it's original untouched 1982 version (not the digitally altered 2002 walkie talkie version). He said that he didn't want to ruin peoples memories of it (GOOOOOD). He also went on to say that George Lucas is a great person and that he brought the world Indiana Jones and Star Wars and he can change it if he wants. Hmmm.

Anyways watch this clip from Season 6 South Park.

I'm quite happy the world will see the original 1982 version of ET in all it's High Def. glory. To me it's the scariest movie ever made. Is anyone else like that? Scared the absolute crap out of me as a child (& adult) as it's just too real to me as extra terrestrials (especially nice ones) creep me out something shocking. Don't ask me why.


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