Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gears 3 is almost upon us.

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Gears of War 3 is almost here. The last game of perhaps my favourite gaming trilogy. Playing massive dudes with chainsaw guns whilst fighting alien scum never ever gets old. Watch the review below.

If you live in Australia buy this or pre order at JB HiFi as they are selling this for a ridiculously cheap price of $69.95 (standard edition). I know American Castle Peeps we Aussies pay so very much for our games and $110 is the usual price for a AAA console game.

Now there's 4 player Co-op in the Gears 3 campaign and I propose Castle readers (if they're avid Gears fans) add my gamertag 'Sphincter4' (i know, awesome right?) and we battle the horde together.
Edit TimmehB - Also add me as i'll be picking it up on the 20th. My gamer tag is 'Aggesis'

I still have fond memories of connecting three xboxes (for 5 players including TimmehB. & Matronomy) at my place to complete horde mode (50 waves) on Gears 2. After a few hours, lots of Mount Gay Rum, yelling and noise complaints we did it. I'm hoping to do something similar for Gears 3 (it looks a lot crazier).

Update TimmehB - Brisbane gamer, reviewer and host of Good Game - Bajo - did a photo review of Gears 3 for Haynezeeboy. Here's his verdict.

Points to whoever can understand Bajo's photo verdict. 

Alrighty whet your appetite with this glowing video review below and I'll see you online.

BONUS - Rockstar just released the first footage of Max Payne 3. I got shivers down my spine when i heard that theme music again. So looking forward to this. It's a great time to be a gamer.

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