Friday, April 20, 2012

Marble turns One.


Marble has created some incredible music over the last 12 months. So they decided to take a photo using Neon lights for their logo, a cheap smoke machine and bodacious motorcycles and tell us about their future.

Sam Tiba, Das Glow, Surkin, Para One, Bobmo, Canblaster, Myd 
by Romain Bernardie James

From the horses mouth.....

Hey everyone,

We celebrated our first birthday two weeks ago at the Social Club, and thought it was time for a little "PREVIOUSLY ON MARBLE" moment. It's been an amazing year for us, full of excitement and surprises. We made radical choices and didn't know how people would react to them, but so far the response has been overwhelming. 

In twelve months we released thirteen singles covering a broad spectrum of influences, ranging from weird avant-garde electronic music to club anthems, a full length album, threw our own parties and most importantly gathered a true family around the project.

So what's next? Of course, tons of singles are currently in the making, but there’s also two full length records :

- "USA Club Mixes", a remixed version of Surkin's first LP released this monday, featuring the Marble team and its extended family.
- "Passion", Para One's second solo album, in collaboration with Because music on June 11th.

And we would like to thank the people who made this first year so amazing :

The producers who believed in our releasing their music : Teki LatexMydCanblasterSam TibaDas Glow, and those who remixed it : Crackboy, Mr Oizo, Feadz, Djedjotronic, Noob, Rustie, Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Club Cheval, Strip Steve, Brodinski, A-Trak, Jackson & His Computer Band.

The artists who shot, designed or drew our cover art, and allowed us to build a unique visual identity : Museum Studio, Rimo, Jonathan Zawada, Benbo George, Ill-Studio, Maciek Pozoga, Partel Oliva, Gaspirator, Romain Bernardie James, Trevor Winkfield, FWRKS Visuals.

The industry types : Right Back, Idol, The Talent Boutique, Savoir Faire, EMI Japan, Because, Ed Banger, Plus Vague, Etienne Menu, Grand Blanc, Donald David, Nicolas Van Dyck, Martin Guilbaud, who helped us in so many ways.

Revolver Japan and Sixpack France who turned our images into cool objects.

All the DJs who played our music, the promoters who booked us, and of course all the people who listened and danced to our music in the past year.

So stay tuned, season two has just started!

Bobmo, Para One & Surkin.

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